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Alberta, Canada

Our Available Dogs

Our foster home team has been able to spend time and give attention to their foster dog, all the while making notes about them that you get to read here.  Please read the bios and check out the report cards for each dog as we take great care in making sure as much information possible goes into each one.  When you find a bio that seems to sound perfect for your home, we look forward to getting your adoption email.  

**We try very hard to inform new homes about the individual needs/quirks/likes and dislikes of the dogs, we need you to read about these.  If the bio says no cats, for instance, we will disregard your email if you have a cat.  We try to help our adoption team utilize their time in an effective manner by informing potential homes about these details and we love it when homes read and understand this.**

January 7, 2020

Archie went from being a very cautious puppy when he arrived to being the one who thinks he is one of the big boys!  Always on the go, looking for fun or naughty things to do, he is 100% puppy!

Archie is the first of his litter to figure out sit and shake a paw.  He is very smart and very eager to learn which will make training super fun for his new family.  

Archie's mom is pictured below, she is a smart and stocky Heeler type gal weighing approx 55 pounds.  Archie's dad is unknown.  

January 7, 2020

Gogo is the only pup of the litter to be graced with those eyebrows that make people melt!

Gogo has been the most brave and outgoing of the puppies, and they follow her example.  She is very sweet and playful with other dogs and is not shy at all to get in there with the big dogs and make friends.  

Gogo is a fan of belly rubs and cuddle time too.  She was born around Nov 9th which makes her still very young and her new family can expect to have to continue with house training.  

Gogo's mom is pictured below, she is a stock and smart Heeler type gal and weighs in at approx 55 pounds.  Gogo's dad is unknown.

January 7, 2020

 Chester is the 'sweet and floppy boy' according to his foster mom.  He is reported to be chill as far as puppies go.

Chester loves to eat, chew on sticks and follow his brother around looking for trouble.

Chester is the puppy with the all black face.  He was born around November 9th and his mom is pictured below.  She is a 55 pound, stocky, smart Heeler type lady who is the apple of her family's eye.

Chester is 100% puppy and adopters will need to continue with house training, start on obedience and leash manners too.

January 7, 2020

Max, what a sweet heart <3. He is so calm, has a funny button and a cuddle button.  He is goofy and gentle and all sorts of goodness.

Max is a mature adult male Cane Corso.  He does well with other dogs and doesn't look to stir things up in regards to play, he is a calm boy who likes to mingle without doing a heck of a lot of interacting.  A calm old soul of a dog.

Max has tested NOT GOOD with the smaller critters like cats and rabbits.

Max is crate trained and will sing you songs about how much he 'loves' his crate haha.  He has manners in the house and on leash and is just a true gem of a gentle giant.  

Max loves car rides!!

January 6, 2020

Beautiful Vernita is as Shepherd as any Shepherd can be :). Any Shepherd enthusiast will get hands on her and know she is everything a Shepherd should be...smart, stunning and eager to please.

She needs controlled intros to other dogs but then quickly makes friends, as long as they don't wanna touch her soccer ball!!  Lets talk about the soccer ball....its her favourite and needs ZERO interaction from you in order to have a good time with her soccer ball.  She loves to carry it around in the yard, in the house, even during car rides. She isn't obsessed with it though, just must be in her mouth if there is one available.  

Vernita loves belly rubs and will stop playing or running around for cuddles and some belly attention.  She is crate trained....doesn't love her crate, but will go in for some treats an a 'good girl'.  Vernita has not been cat tested.

Vernita would make an excellent running partner too!, not that she is high energy or must be ran or walked each day, she is...

January 5, 2020

Kari is a stunning adult dog that are privileged to get to know in her journey to a new home.

She was used to being an outdoor dog but since coming into our program she has realized how great being an indoor dog really is!!

Kari is now crate trained, loves walking on leash and has great house manners.  She loves spending time outside too but the lure of the warm snuggles available inside is too hard to resist sometimes!

Kari loves getting treats and will show off her skillz for the coveted liver treats that her foster family keeps as rewards!, she will sit, speak and lay down for these treats, and sometimes she goes ahead and does all the tricks all at once!  Good Girl!

Kari has been enjoying the company of cats, other dogs and kids in her previous home and foster home.  She is a true gem of a dog.  

We are not sure what breeds have gone into making her this wonderful, but if you want to meet Kari, be ready to meet a gorgeous and large chocolatey girl with loads of personality, manners...

December 16, 2019

Turk is a very sweet young boy!  He will play with his foster sisters if they initiate, otherwise he is happy to cuddle up next to you on the couch. 

Enjoys exploring around outside with his foster brother too. 

Turkish has not been cat tested

November 25, 2019

Yale is such a sweetheart and we are thrilled to be able to post him as Available, finally!!

This lovabull blue man is gentle and kind. He loves snuggling and cuddling and doesn't look to spend much time outside at all, so a quick potty break walk or a romp in the yard is all Yale needs 

He wasn't available for weeks due to a weird shadow in his left eye and what looked to be a mass on his right eyeball. To the vet we went and it wasn't all that concerning but not a definite diagnosis so his gorgeous and soul searching eye photos were sent to specialists and we started a round of eye drops.

The last photo in this post shows a before and after comparison of just how much the mass shrunk using the prednisone eye drops! He is not bothered by the eye lump and it's been determined it's a little immune system glitch that causes him to grow this little friend. The shadow in his other eye disappeared with the eye drops which was great!

Yale will need eye drops for the rest of his life but it...

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