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Alberta, Canada

Our Available Dogs

Our foster home team has been able to spend time and give attention to their foster dog, all the while making notes about them that you get to read here.  Please read the bios and check out the report cards for each dog as we take great care in making sure as much information possible goes into each one.  When you find a bio that seems to sound perfect for your home, we look forward to getting your adoption email.  

**We try very hard to inform new homes about the individual needs/quirks/likes and dislikes of the dogs, we need you to read about these.  If the bio says no cats, for instance, we will disregard your email if you have a cat.  We try to help our adoption team utilize their time in an effective manner by informing potential homes about these details and we love it when homes read and understand this.**

October 30, 2019

Think honey is sweet?, come meet Teddy and you'll find he is pure honey!

Teddy is an adult boy who is a little shy sometimes but he warms up quickly and will make you melt with his soft eyes, his soft cuddles and his wiggly butt!  

Teddy has great manners and has been able to nicely socialize with male and female dogs, of course making a good match is how friends work the best.  He is not good with kitties so will need a kitty free home.

Teddy has nice leash manners, is playful with toys, and loves to snuggle on the couch.  Teddy is not a high energy boy and would much rather save his energy for cuddling.

October 30, 2019

Angie is a stocky little sweetheart with the cutest ears....when she lets you see them!

She is in a foster home with an older male Lab and a kitty.  We have learned that Angie can keep up ok with the Lab and that the slippery floors in her foster home make it impossible for her to catch the kitty despite her attempts!!  Angie needs a kitty free home please!

This low rider is also low energy, she loves a bit of time in the yard for sniffling, but doesn't have a long battery life.  She needs to recharge on the couch with you for at least 10 hours in between potty breaks.

A quiet sweet girlie who loves hard, wanna make her a part of your home?, chat with the adoption team by following the How To Adopt steps.  

October 11, 2019

Moody is AdorABull!!  He is a mixy boy of unknown heritage but we aren't all that big about labels around here.  

What we do know is he is a funny little man wearing the silliest of silly pants who will make you smile every day gaurenteed!!

He likes playing with funloving lady dogs and doesn't mind being tagged in as 'uncle' to play with the puppies.  He prefers to be the only boy in the house.  

If you are looking to brighten your days with a prancy feet goofy boy, chat with our adoption team today!

October 11, 2019

Carrow is adorabull!!!  This slightly plus sized gal is a hoot!  She is a silly bucking bronco who loves to play and bounce and run around with her balls and rope toys.  Not that these words should make you picture an actual crazy high energy girl....she is NOT!  Carrow spends most of her days asleep, snoozing away, waiting for someone to come let her outside to her potty breaks and then she has about 15-20 minutes of bouncing around playful time before she needs to resume her strict napping schedule.

Carrow has a wonderful personality, loves everyone she meets and will happily show off her good manners and listening skillz for treats or butt scritches.

Carrow was viciously attacked by another dog a few months ago, you can see many scars on her face and shoulder areas that may always be there.  The mental scars are also there and Carrow is very shy and scared of other dogs now.  We would love so much to find her a home where she can be the only bouncy bronco in the house w...

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