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January 7, 2020

UPDATE: JAN 6th, 2020

Baby Jane's foster home has this to say about sweet Baby Jane:

Baby Jane is a confident and smart puppy who is progressing right on schedule.  She hasn't had an accident in the house for a few days -yay!- 

Jane sleeps well in her crate and can sleep for a solid 6 hours through the night -also yay!-

She has mastered 'sit', sometimes 'shakes a paw' on command, and is working on 'lay down'.

Baby Jane is a slow learner concerning kitties and how pointy they can become when tormented by a puppy!, those two things haven't connected in Jane's brain just yet, maybe a few more swipes will help her learn.  

She loves to cuddle when she is tired but is a fairly independent puppy.  

Baby Jane is one of the puppies born in our program to darling momma Figg. They were born on Oct 31st and will be ready to join new homes after Dec 22nd. 

Puppies need work and lots of patience and training.  They would do best in a home with a resident adult dog to help them grown and learn and take some...

January 7, 2020

Archie went from being a very cautious puppy when he arrived to being the one who thinks he is one of the big boys!  Always on the go, looking for fun or naughty things to do, he is 100% puppy!

Archie is the first of his litter to figure out sit and shake a paw.  He is very smart and very eager to learn which will make training super fun for his new family.  

Archie's mom is pictured below, she is a smart and stocky Heeler type gal weighing approx 55 pounds.  Archie's dad is unknown.  

January 7, 2020

Bridget was the most scared of the litter, they were born outside and had limited exposure to people and regular in home goings on.  She held strong in her belief that people were monsters and houses were scary for a whole 3 days!!, thats like a month in dog time!  Once her hard candy coating wore off, we saw a darling, sweet, outgoing, and cuddly little girl shine through.

Bridget is smart and sometimes sassy when she is playing with the other dogs, its like she wants to be goofy to make her friends laugh and like her more.  She loves getting a small stuffy toy in her mouth and show it off to her friends in order to be chanced around the house in a big wonderful game of chase.

Bridget was born around Nov 9th, 2019 and is doing good with her house training but is in no way 100%, she is still too little to really get it.  

Bridget's mom is pictured below, she is a sweet and stocky Heeler type gal at approx 55 pounds, Bridget's dad wasn't in the picture at all to give us a picture.  

January 7, 2020

Gogo is the only pup of the litter to be graced with those eyebrows that make people melt!

Gogo has been the most brave and outgoing of the puppies, and they follow her example.  She is very sweet and playful with other dogs and is not shy at all to get in there with the big dogs and make friends.  

Gogo is a fan of belly rubs and cuddle time too.  She was born around Nov 9th which makes her still very young and her new family can expect to have to continue with house training.  

Gogo's mom is pictured below, she is a stock and smart Heeler type gal and weighs in at approx 55 pounds.  Gogo's dad is unknown.

January 7, 2020

 Chester is the 'sweet and floppy boy' according to his foster mom.  He is reported to be chill as far as puppies go.

Chester loves to eat, chew on sticks and follow his brother around looking for trouble.

Chester is the puppy with the all black face.  He was born around November 9th and his mom is pictured below.  She is a 55 pound, stocky, smart Heeler type lady who is the apple of her family's eye.

Chester is 100% puppy and adopters will need to continue with house training, start on obedience and leash manners too.

January 7, 2020

Aldo gets overlooked by the Boxer people and overlooked by the Pit people....so we are hoping to find a family who just wants Aldo for his handsome Boxer color and body AND for his Pit lazy temperament and softness.

Aldo is one of those dogs with the rare talent of 'Couch Holding', you may have heard of these mythical creatures and wished you had one!  Aldo will do absolutely nothing but hold your couch in the exact spot in the room that you want it to be in.  Imagine that!!  Your couch won't wander, won't be taking off on you, it will be under Aldo at all times and therefore rendered immobile.  

Aldo has not been cat tested but has been in larger playgroups of dogs made up of boys and girls and he has mingled nicely.  He isn't looking for the rowdy kids to hang with, he likes sun tanning and lounging with like minded beasts.  

January 7, 2020

Beautiful Mia, what a gorgeous girlie!  Mia was fortunate enough to score an awesome Holiday Foster home and this is what they had to say about her:

What can we say about Mia a.k.a Snuggle Butt. This sweet pup is so full of life!  When she arrived at our home she was so quiet and not sure of herself, but by day two the home belonged to her and her loving, happy, goofy personality came out 100%.

She loves truck rides, long walks, zoomies in the backyard but most of all snuggling on the couch or bed. She is by far a pro at Cuddles, no training needed there!

Mia tested well with male dogs so would do well in a home with a calm stable male dog.  Mia has not been cat tested.

January 7, 2020

Max, what a sweet heart <3. He is so calm, has a funny button and a cuddle button.  He is goofy and gentle and all sorts of goodness.

Max is a mature adult male Cane Corso.  He does well with other dogs and doesn't look to stir things up in regards to play, he is a calm boy who likes to mingle without doing a heck of a lot of interacting.  A calm old soul of a dog.

Max has tested NOT GOOD with the smaller critters like cats and rabbits.

Max is crate trained and will sing you songs about how much he 'loves' his crate haha.  He has manners in the house and on leash and is just a true gem of a gentle giant.  

Max loves car rides!!

January 6, 2020

Beautiful Vernita is as Shepherd as any Shepherd can be :). Any Shepherd enthusiast will get hands on her and know she is everything a Shepherd should be...smart, stunning and eager to please.

She needs controlled intros to other dogs but then quickly makes friends, as long as they don't wanna touch her soccer ball!!  Lets talk about the soccer ball....its her favourite and needs ZERO interaction from you in order to have a good time with her soccer ball.  She loves to carry it around in the yard, in the house, even during car rides. She isn't obsessed with it though, just must be in her mouth if there is one available.  

Vernita loves belly rubs and will stop playing or running around for cuddles and some belly attention.  She is crate trained....doesn't love her crate, but will go in for some treats an a 'good girl'.  Vernita has not been cat tested.

Vernita would make an excellent running partner too!, not that she is high energy or must be ran or walked each day, she is...

January 6, 2020

Hans is such a sweet and silly guy, he has lots of energy and loves playing with other dogs and cats.

He also loves playing with balls and I think he will be great at fetch! When he's tired he crashes though and will rest his head on our shoulders, it's the cutest thing. 

He knows how to sit and lay down and we are working on bell training/house training. He's still inconsistent but he has rang the bell several times to go outside to pee. 

He does really well sleeping in his crate at night and will let you know when he has to pee. Any family will be so lucky to have him. <3

Hans' mom is pictured below, she is a 55 pound stocky Heeler type dog.  The dad(s) to the puppies are unknown and you are free to guess at what you see :)

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