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What are the adoption fees?

Adult Pit Bull type dogs: $500 Senior Pit Bull type dogs: $200 Pit Bull type puppies, 6 months of age or younger: $650. There are no trial periods for puppies. **Puppies are vaccinated up until the time of their adoption, any vaccines needed after adoption are the responsibility of the new owners. We also work with our local First Nation areas in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If you are looking for a cute fluffy dog to add to your family, we can facilitate that on occasion too. Adult Mixed Breed dogs: $500 Senior Mixed Breed dogs: $200 Mixed Breed puppies, 6 months of age or younger: $500. There is no trial period for puppies. We do basic vetting for all of our dogs, this includes vaccinations, deworming, and spay/neuter. Some dogs need more intensive vetting with things such as dental or orthopedic procedures, there is no additional charge to you for a dog that may have needed additional procedures to become healthy and available for adoption.

Step 1: Before you begin

We are excited to help you find a great addition to your family and we understand you are excited too! Remember that adopting a dog is a serious commitment to make. Be sure you are currently in a space to accept a new family member into your world. *You must be 18 years or older

Step 2: Reviewing your options

All of our dogs are in foster homes and we post all the information we have about each dog. Pay close attention to the information provided in regards to cat/other animal tolerance, special needs, and energy levels. Please note that we provide as much information as we have.

Step 3: You reach out

Send in an email to our adoption team at We are looking for your family's resume sort to speak. We NEED the following details: your location, your contact number, do you own or rent your home and information about your current pets. (We suggest, for renters, to get your landlord's written permission BEFORE you contact us about adding a dog to your home. **We will not refund your deposit if you are approved to adopt a dog, take a dog home, and then have to return it due to not have the proper permissions in place before the dog enters your home. The dog being a welcomed member of your home is as important to us and you as it is to your landlord.) We will take and love any additional details such as your experiences with past pets and what you are looking for in a new addition. Make your email as long and as detailed as you would like, extra points for photos of your home, family and pets! We want to get to know you! Include the name of the dog(s) from our Available list that interest you and what about them caught your eye ~OR~ if none seem to be that perfect fit, still send in an email as we do have New Arrival dogs that we are getting to know and you may be a perfect match for one of our up 'n comings! Please keep in in mind that from the time that the adoption team contact you about a specific dog they feel will be a good match for your family, they will not be entertaining other interest from other families for that same dog, we only talk to one family for one dog at a time. We take emailed interest and all communication following as serious interest in our dogs and if you are not seriously interested, we ask that you are forthcoming with this information as we are not looking to waste anyone's time and for sure not looking to hold back a dog from an adoption due to mild interest. We try to respond to adoption emails within 5-7 days but your patience is very greatly appreciated as we are all volunteers with full time jobs and family commitments. If you have not heard a response within 10 days, please send another email in case there was a glitch with the first one. **If you do not include your location and/or contact number, we will not respond to you email as our adoption team is made up of volunteers trying their best to respond as efficiently as possible to the hundreds of applications received each year. If you have not received a response or call within 10 days of sending your email in, double check the information you have provided.

Step 4: We reach out

You will be contacted by our adoption team with additional questions and a time will be set for a phone call to discuss potential matches for your family. A meeting time and place will be set for your family to meet the dog either at an adoption event or at one of our foster homes. Please be aware that we are based in Southern Alberta and travel to an adoption event or foster home is required by you. We do adopt to homes all over Canada and flights to the right family can be arranged.

Step 5: Meet the dog

Please be aware that as excited as your family is to meet the dog, the dog can be as equally excited. This may be exhibited in jumping up on you, vocalizing or some may be shy and take some time to warm up to you. Keep in mind that you are possibly witnessing the dog's worst behaviour due to overstimulation, stress and excitement, and that in a home setting the dog will be much more settled. The information provided to you by our adoption team leading up to the meeting is based on the dog's behaviour in a home setting after being given time to settle. When meeting the dog, you should be interacting with the dog you have gotten to know through the communication with our adoption team, Facebook posts and information off the website bios, nothing should be a surprise! This meeting should be with the intent to take the dog home, and the adoption representative you meet with will have the supplies ready and paperwork in hand to get you started. If there is any questions about the dog being a good match to you and your family, do not hesitate to talk about this with your adoption representative. We can extend a 24 hour hold on the dog while you think about the adoption. If everything goes as planned and you want to start the two week trial, a $300 non-refundable deposit is taken at this time. You are sent home with a crate, food, a collar and a leash to use for the duration of the two week trial. The supplies given to you are new and can be purchased at the end of the trail or given back within two weeks of finalizing the adoption.

Step 6: The adjustment period

The Adjustment Period. This is a mandatory 2 week period in which your family is getting to know the new dog and the new dog is getting to know you. (Adjustment periods are not given for dogs under 6 months old, they are puppies and will do puppy things and the home will be willing to a ready to deal with challenges such as house/leash and crate training). You will be provided with a list of dos and don'ts, some common troubleshooting instructions and the contact number of your adoption support volunteer. It will up to your family to stay in touch with the support person throughout the adjustment period with any questions, concerns, photos and updates as things progress. We never rush adjustments and recognize that as each dog adjusts differently, each home adjusts differently too. If you need additional time or training support, do not hesitate to ask.

Step 7: Making it official

At the end of your adjustment period, if you family has decided the match is a great one and you are ready to commit to being a permanent owner to the new dog, we can finalize the adoption! This does not have to be done in person as time and distance are factored in many adoptions. You would simply let your adoption support person know you want to finalize. The balance of the adoption fee, $200, plus the cost of any supplies you wish to keep will be charged to your credit card or you can choose to do an e-transfer or cash if you are local to our volunteers. Once final payment is received, the dog's medical records will be emailed to you. Medical records are considered proof of ownership so you can see why these are not handed over until your family makes the adoption official. If you have any questions about your dog's health during your trial, please ask your adoption support person. This exchange of medical records is what officially makes you the proud new dog owner and using them to prove spay/neuter and microchip will often get you a discount for your city's registration costs! We offer a lifetime of support to all of our adopters and love to hear updates even years after you take your new dog home! **Please check out our FAQ section for more additional questions you may have about our dogs or procedures.

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