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Alberta, Canada

Our Adoption Pending Dogs

These dogs have joined families for their adjustment period to make sure it is a great match for the dog and the home.  During this time, the dogs are moved here.  We do not accept inquiries about these dogs as our adoption team are providing support to them and are also continuing to assist new homes in making great matches with our Available dogs.

**If you see a dog move from Pending back to Available, it would be at this time you would be able to review the dog's bio to ensure it is a potential match to your family and we would at that time, love to read your adoption email.**

January 7, 2020

Aldo gets overlooked by the Boxer people and overlooked by the Pit people....so we are hoping to find a family who just wants Aldo for his handsome Boxer color and body AND for his Pit lazy temperament and softness.

Aldo is one of those dogs with the rare talent of 'Couch Holding', you may have heard of these mythical creatures and wished you had one!  Aldo will do absolutely nothing but hold your couch in the exact spot in the room that you want it to be in.  Imagine that!!  Your couch won't wander, won't be taking off on you, it will be under Aldo at all times and therefore rendered immobile.  

Aldo has not been cat tested but has been in larger playgroups of dogs made up of boys and girls and he has mingled nicely.  He isn't looking for the rowdy kids to hang with, he likes sun tanning and lounging with like minded beasts.  

January 7, 2020

Beautiful Mia, what a gorgeous girlie!  Mia was fortunate enough to score an awesome Holiday Foster home and this is what they had to say about her:

What can we say about Mia a.k.a Snuggle Butt. This sweet pup is so full of life!  When she arrived at our home she was so quiet and not sure of herself, but by day two the home belonged to her and her loving, happy, goofy personality came out 100%.

She loves truck rides, long walks, zoomies in the backyard but most of all snuggling on the couch or bed. She is by far a pro at Cuddles, no training needed there!

Mia tested well with male dogs so would do well in a home with a calm stable male dog.  Mia has not been cat tested.

December 16, 2019

Lovely Pigeon is such a wonderful girl! She’s doing fantastic with her foster brothers and sisters and foster mom and dad have really taken a shine to her. 

Wonderful house manners and a joyful smile make her a treat to have as a guest. She’s very independent, happy to find a cozy bed to chew a bone but when invited for some couch cuddles will eagerly join in. 

If you come meet her we are sure you will see why our volunteers have fallen for this darling girl. 

Pigeon has not tested well with cats and will require a cat-free home. 

December 16, 2019

Ginny is waiting for orthopaedic surgery to fix her broken femur.  She is currently on a Medical Hold until the surgery is completed and she is healed.

October 11, 2019

Carrow is adorabull!!!  This slightly plus sized gal is a hoot!  She is a silly bucking bronco who loves to play and bounce and run around with her balls and rope toys.  Not that these words should make you picture an actual crazy high energy girl....she is NOT!  Carrow spends most of her days asleep, snoozing away, waiting for someone to come let her outside to her potty breaks and then she has about 15-20 minutes of bouncing around playful time before she needs to resume her strict napping schedule.

Carrow has a wonderful personality, loves everyone she meets and will happily show off her good manners and listening skillz for treats or butt scritches.

Carrow was viciously attacked by another dog a few months ago, you can see many scars on her face and shoulder areas that may always be there.  The mental scars are also there and Carrow is very shy and scared of other dogs now.  We would love so much to find her a home where she can be the only bouncy bronco in the house where she will f...

October 3, 2019

Oh boy do we adore this little girl!  Willy came to us after we were asked to take in some puppies of hers, who's daddy was the resident Shih Tzu!  Yes you read that right haha.  Pups found great homes and now it's momma's turn!

Willy is a stocky shaped gal with ablack/seal colored coat. She has adorabull ears that add a comic effect to all her expressions.

From her foster home:

Willy is a wonderful dog looking for a couch to call her own. When she gets her turn to cuddle with foster mom n dad it takes mere seconds for the content smile to come across her face as she snuggles in. Willy has gotten the hang of home routine and crate training pretty quickly and has been learning from her foster brothers and sisters as well. 


The big snow storm didn’t even phase her, she’s had a blast bombing through the snow banks chasing the boys. A very polite and joyful dog to have around the home, her foster parents are really enjoying her company.  


Chat with our adoption team to find out more about W...

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