I am far too bashful to write about myself, I will let my foster dad handle it while I stare lovingly at him.

Liza, man what a sweetie. She came to house in full meltdown. Didn't want any friends, didn't want to eat or take treats or even be pet. But we slowly let her unwind and go at her own pace. Within 6 days we had wags and even a bit of play!

Liza has really opened up over the past few weeks and we are so in love with her. She will need a home that is gentle and calm to go along with her gentle sweet temperament. She isn't looking for an active home, she would much rather lounge and binge Netflix.

Liza came in with her puppy Freddy who has since been adopted, but she loved having a play friend. She would love it if her new family adopted her a puppy some day!

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Prairie Pitbull

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