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Alberta, Canada


March 5, 2017




Our sweet little pigdog Janice is still waiting for a home to call her own. This 35 pound Pit wannabe with a side of who knows what?!, is so sweet, attentive and loves to wrestle with her foster brother. She has crate, house and leash manners, and is a pro at holding the couch down...in case yours is prone to wandering! 

Janice was a itchy mess when she arrived, and through trial and error we have given in to the fact that prednisone is and always be her friend. The trick to prednisone is to only give the minimum amount that keeps the skin happy. Janice's dose is a measly 12 mg every other day and with her adoption, the home will get a life time amount of her needed dose. 

Janice is looking for a home with no small critters as they, small dogs and kitties, are only on Earth to provide chase targets!, in Janice's opinion. She prefers her couch holding and wrestling partners be bigger handsome boy partners because she is a flirty little beast with just the right dose of momma (aka sometimes bitchy) attitude. 

If you have a wandering couch problem that your current male dog isn't keeping up with in your catless home, Janice may be just the right amount of sass to get everyone in place again. Tell us about it in an email to our adoption team at 2017adoptionapps@gmail.com






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