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Alberta, Canada


March 15, 2017




Rummy!! She arrived with such an attitude and we didn't blame her, life up til now had minimal boundaries, breeding and a litter of pups.


She decided to take a breath on day 4, which included saying goodbye to bluff charging and air nips towards new people....all fear and insecurity based of course.


Day 9 she said OK to other dogs, this was huge as she was making quite the stink about dogs all around up til this point and wanted to be the first to yell and scream. After her spay, we got to know the real Rummy and we are equal parts exhausted with her puppy ways and elated at how she was able to integrate herself into a stable family setting despite her initial fears.


Rummy is about 14 months old but acts like a 7 month old, she torments the other dogs with her always ready to play attitude and pushes her foster family's patience by always pushing their buttons! She has been trained to stay out of the kitchen but will, holding eye contact with foster mom, move one foot back over the line into the kitchen! It's this that makes us ask for her new family to be prepared for the naughty pants she wears every day! She needs consistent reminders about her manners, she forgets within minutes!


She isn't bad, she is super duper good and smart and lovable and cuddly and mellow....but she thinks she's pretty darn smart which could lead to naughtiness. Rummy needs a home with a patient older dog that will play and entertain but ignore rather than blow up at her when they've had enough.


A pack of dogs would suit her just fine, always someone waking up from a nap and ready to play, right?! No cats, not one, not two, not even your cats that are good with dogs, no.cats. Small dogs are also welcome knowing in advance Rummy will bop them on the head then playbow, ready to play!


Foster family's Chihuahuas have yelled at her on numerous occasions but its the humans that need to call her over otherwise the bopping will continue. An atheltic Boston for instance would probably have a blast with Rummy. If you think you can handle the Rummy Girl, we look forward to hearing about your family in the email you can send us to 2017adoptionapps@gmail.com






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