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Alberta, Canada


March 24, 2017



Dabi is here after completely winning over the hearts of the London, Ontario shelter workers....and now he is melting us! What a sweet softie. Loads of manners in all but one respect, we can shame him a bit later! 

He shares the beds and couches of his foster home with some four legged friends ranging in a deaf Chi X to a sweet motherly Dane X. He isn't one to hoard his precious toys, he shares nicely. Crate manners are at 100%. 

Dabi does not jump up on people he meets which is nice, probably jinxed it by saying it now!, and you can just see how gentle he is in his eyes. 

Now the shame....he likes to see what is on the counters, the grass is always greener on the...counter, right?! His biggest 'issue' if you choose to look at it that way, is his counter surfing. He responds when told to get down, but then forgets. 

If you are looking for a great starter, first timer, dog then Dabi may be the winner. He has all the basics down so you would only have to work on the counter surfing, easy peasy. 

Send our adoption team an email telling us about your family and why Dabi sounds appealing, remember to include your location and contact number, to 2017adoptionapps@gmail.com.






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