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Alberta, Canada


March 24, 2017



We welcomed Pippin to the PPBR family a few weeks ago and its been fun but her time to move to an adoptive home has come! 

As a young and fancy free girlie, she is fairly energetic, loves to play ball and go for jogs but is just as happy to curl up on the couch for a movie or keep you warm while you read a book. 

She came from a loving family and it shows with her manners and listening skills. She integrated into her foster home playgroup with 4 dogs big and small like a pro and has produced many entertaining slo mo play videos. 

Pippin was also very independent right from the get go, exploring new environments with confidence and doesn't feel the need to be your new shadow. Pip can be protective of certain toys with other dogs but this is easily managed. All in all she will make a loving addition to the right home

Pippin shows traits of being an amazing agility dog if you wanted to flip that switch!, or if being a ribbon winner in obedience makes your heart race, she is the one that will take you there. 

Send our adoption team an email about your family, other pets, location and phone number to 2017adoptionapps@gmail.com if Pippin sounds like the little rascal your home has been missing.






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