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Alberta, Canada


March 24, 2017


If you are looking for a happy dancy stocky monkey, then Thomas is your dude! 

Thomas enjoys the company of any dog his size or bigger, any dog or kitty that is smaller is only meant for chasing. Thomas is very stocky so for a dog to be smaller than him, we are talking the size of a cat.

Thomas was turned into a shelter we work with, in shreds. He had been attacked by other dogs. Scars do not define any dog, especially little Thomas here. He was put into playgroups and he was a natural rock star! Thomas loves hangin with a pack and is an easy addition to lots of temperaments. 

If you home is cat and cat-sized-dog free and you are looking for a stocky little dude to accompany you on some Netflix marathons, send in your adoption request email to 2017adoptionapps@gmail.com. Remember to include your location and phone number.






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