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Alberta, Canada


June 1, 2017



How much cuter can you be at 45 pounds?!  Astro is dayum cute if we do say so ourselves!  


This boy is all kinds of goofy puppy but has the maturity to turn down the goof and be an amazingly chill dude when you want him to be.  A very soft and sweet temperament but still eager to learn and get out 'n go when its time.  


Astro loves playing with Clover and Pike, things.get.rowdy!!  And then softer play with Sweet B cuz she sometimes doesn't want her mess up her hairs.  He is outgoing enough to keep the party going but has never gone too out there to be corrected....Pike does that all the time! Lol. 


Ready for Astro in your life, tell us more in an email to our adoption team at 2017adoptionapps@gmail.com. Remember to include your location and contact number.







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