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Alberta, Canada


June 1, 2017



This outgoing deep ruby red girl spent over a year in the shelter system! Why?, because she has some bald patches on her back.

We aren't sure if they were because of stress from her previous life, when she entered the system she was in really rough shape and she got better but a few spots could quite possibly be bald/thin forever. We think they make her very unique!, how many dogs come with leather patches?!

Clover is super duper smart in that really silly and simple way 🤣 She loves showing of her leash and obedience skills. She also thinks hangin with da boys is the best thing ever! This smarty pants doesn't want any other ladies distracting the boys from her luscious curves so homes with other lady dogs need not apply!

Excellent house manners, beautiful smile, she is vocal when she is happy and will 'bah-roo' a few times to tell you about it!, and non-stop wiggles! Wanna make Clover a member of your family?, tell our adoption team all about yerself in an email to 2017adoptionapps@gmail.com. Clover is standing by 🍀 







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