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Alberta, Canada

Sweet Bee

June 1, 2017



Three foster homes have enjoyed Bee's company in the many months she has been with us and all three have adored and loved her sweet temperament and silly antics. 

Her foster home sent in this update the other day: Bee Bop - The life of the party! A fun, energetic dog. Would make a great running or hiking partner. A bit particular about her doggy friends but when she decides it's right she is a perfect lady who plays well. Seems high energy, but will happily snuggle on the couch for hours on end. Give her 15 minutes to get her ya-yas out and she calms right down. Crate and house trained she thrives on routine. Quiet in the house and yard but will cry for a couple of minutes in her crate just to see if you will let her out. Loves to be outside, loves to suntan. Can jump and bounce like a deer!!, but never over the fence. Sweet and affectionate and overall an easy pooch to integrate into a home. She's a smart little girl who just needs some patience and love!

If Bee sounds like a potential addition to your home, please chat with our adoption team by emailing them at 2017adoptionapps@gmail.com.







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