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Alberta, Canada


November 19, 2017



From the first photo sent to us from our contacts in Georgia, we knew little 21 pound Michelle was comin home! Our intake home fell hard for this sweet blonde hottie, and her second foster home has also melted for her.

Their experiences: From the very first moment we met Michelle, she was a favourite of all the PPBR volunteers! Adjusting to life in a home was slow at first but she’s taken to it like a pro. Though still nervous of new people and situations, she looks to her foster parents for encouragment and support allowing her to make her world bigger every day. She has also made friends with some of her foster roommates and wouldn’t mind a forever friend that has a calm, happy, easygoing personality. Michelle is also the perfect hot water bottle, enjoying cuddles on the couch, bed, chair, floor, dog kennel... you get the point lol. 



Speaking of her kennel, when feeling unsure or just wanting some quiet time, that’s where you’ll find her. Surrounded by her toys and a good benebone to chew on, she has no problem occupying her time. She really is a beautiful dog with such a wonderful soft personality who strives to please with good direction.



We are now taking application emails for our sweet Georgia Peach Michelle! She is tiny and athletic but soft like buttah. She needs a structured home with a calm canine companion who will help her learn about the world, or just be the couch companion of their own small world. Kitties are also welcome, as are calm humans of any age. Send your information to our adoption volunteers at 2018adoptionapps@gmail.com. 

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