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Alberta, Canada


December 15, 2017


What a handsome beast...and a quick learner to boot!  The advantages of Truckee are that you get a fully grown, crate trained and house trained beast with the puppy brain that is still eagerly willing to soak in whatever you would like to teach him! 





From Truckee's foster momma: if you are looking for an active, inquisitive, 80lb lapdog, look no further!, Truckee is your guy.


He is a bouncy fella who doesn't like to sit still while the day goes by.  He will sit and stay when treats are the reward, and is great in his crate while we are away for work during the day.  


Truckee is a good friend to his dog pals, he likes to run and play, but respectfully chills when its time to do so, and will make sure his friends have the cleanest ears around!  Truckee has shown curiosity in his kitty roomates but wisely chooses to ignore them....most of the time.  


As with most young boys, Truckee does well with routine and commands said over and over! Lol. He also loves toys and will chew on appropriate items as long as they are available.  Ear rubs are the best, the harder the better!  Belly rubbins come in at a close second 😉 


Think Truckee sounds like the kind of goof your family needs?!, we would love to chat further with you. Send in your family's details to our adoption volunteers, making sure to include your location and contact number. Do it now!  

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