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Alberta, Canada


February 17, 2018


Oh Dice!, what a goober face! This young Pit X Heeler came to us from a very nice family who were, simply put, overwhelmed by this pup. Understandably so!, he is a total riot who loves learning, loves activity but lacks confidence so he can be a whirlwind at times. 



In our foster home, Dice has settled into a structured routine involving crate enrichment to ease his displeasure at being in the crate, as well as helper dogs assigned to coach this boy to keep his heel(er)-nipping tendencies in check. He has really opened up over the past few weeks and we are very proud of him.

He is on point with focusing on his person and eagerly awaits a command, obedience work or dog sports would be amazing for Dice. He does tire quickly, thank goodness! but until that happens, he is ready to go! 



His new home would need to exercise him physically of course, but the mental exercises are so much more important for him. For anyone wanting to really get out there and do classes with their dog, do homework training at home for a bit each day, Dice will be your willing partner for that. There is also the cuddly calm Dice that we see too, and he is so very cute when he curls up on the bed and starts to snore.

Interested in Dice?, follow the How To Adopt steps on our website to get in touch with our adoption team for more information!   

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