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Alberta, Canada


February 19, 2018


Back a few days after Christmas, remember how freezing it was??, we got a call from a very concerned citizen about finding a very old dog wandering around a small town. She took the old man home, found him to be reeking with infection, missing most of his hair, terribly itchy....and out on a freezing cold night!


We took the poor beast in and were surprised to see him, smell him, in person...it was SO bad. You wanted to pet him but knew how much discomfort it would bring him so we had to restrain ourselves from touching him. We truly did not expect anyone would claim that he was theirs as his condition was so bad, we thought it would be a simple stray hold, get him to the vet and on meds and see him off to a new home within a few weeks....

A call came in later that first day from a lady claiming the dog and that he had only been sick a few weeks...this brought up instant protection momma bear feelings in our volunteers as we knew this had been a long term untreated issue for this poor dog and we needed to do more to ensure he would not have to be returned. A call was made to the SPCA and a file started.

We are thrilled to announce that Chevy was awarded to us, legally, just a few days ago! 51 days have involved vet care, bloodwork, getting him groomed, on antibiotics and now on for-life doses of Apoquel to help control his skin issues. He never has to face severe itching, bleeding, infection and discomfort again. His owner disclosed he is 15 and that was about all the info we needed from them, the rest we knew right away when we looked into his sparkly old man eyes, there was so much love and gentleness.


Chevy has integrated into his foster home easily, no struggles in making friends for this boy. He had suffered frostbite on his feet from that night he was out wandering but now healed, prances around investigating the yard and deck areas. He is blindish and deafish but has good control of his faculties.

Chevy will need one pill a day and once a month baths for the rest of his darling life and we are providing his new home with 2 months worth of the medication to start him off. There is no adoption fee for Chevy, but screening will still of course apply. If you think your home can give Chevy a warm bed to nap away his days, a home with kids, cats and other dogs is more than welcome, he is so gentle and peaceful with everything. Please email in to our adoption team at 2018adoptionapps@gmail.com to chat more. 

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