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Alberta, Canada


November 16, 2018



Ross is our champagne colored cropped eared boy. He is about 40 pounds and is a short stocky boy.  He is not an athlete despite his look!, he could be convinced to go on A walk each day but no more would be demended or expected....a couch is absolutely expected.



He loves focusing on his people and is a very eager pup if there is learning to do. He likes gnawing on his Benebones or rolling his treat ball around. He has nice leash manners too.   



Ross could live happily with or without the company of other dogs.  He is not looking for a wrestle partner, but sun loungers and occasional maker outters are accepted.  He can be a bit picky about his male dog friends, but not picky at all when it comes to the ladies! He also tested 'not too shabby' with the very calm and mellow kitty that he met.

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