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Alberta, Canada


December 12, 2018



Bonk is a 9 month old Mini Bull Terror...erm, we mean Terrier!


He is a crazy little beast with loads of personality and cuddles! Here is what Bonk's foster family says about him:


A puppy like none other I’ve met before! Bonk is as unique in personality as he is in looks. He can be a little terror (I think it’s short for terrier lol) and 2 seconds later he’s a loving cuddly angel. He is generally a riot and keeps the whole house entertained. 


Like any young dog he requires supervision to make sure shoes don’t become chews and other such indiscretions. He absolutely loves to play, big or small or all but can occasionally be a little too head strong requiring intervention from the humans. 


He is getting the hang of the home schedule and learning to listen when asked to do or not do things. When you’re making dinner, rest assured that his brick like body will be sitting on your feet making it very convenient to move about the kitchen! Bonk will test your patience but is worth every second of it!! 

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