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Alberta, Canada


January 4, 2019



Stew is finally of age to join a forever home! This little muttface was about 6 weeks of age when he was found all by his lonesome on the side of a highway.  


We do not know what Stew is other than the obvious....a black with tan mixed breed. We do not know how big he will get but expect at least around the 50 pound mark.  


He is doing awesome with his potty training and will happily join his foster sisters out into the yard.  He sometimes gets busy sniffing and forgets to potty then will happily relieve himself in a corner of the living room when no one is looking, typical puppy.  He is as house trained as an 8 week old puppy can be so expect accidents and some frustration.  


Stew does really well in his crate and sleeps in it from about 11pm until 7:30am without having to be let out to potty.  


We want Stew to go to a home with at least one other dog to assist in his mentorship to help raise him to be a stable and well mannered boy.  He is mouthy as most puppies are so also expect to put in some time trading toes and fingers for puppy appropriate chew toys.  


Think you got what is takes to be a good Stew raiser?, follow the How To Adopt steps on our website to chat further with our adoption team 😊🐶

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