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Alberta, Canada

Babe Ruth!

March 1, 2019



Babe Ruth is up to bat! This darling little girl is too cute, avert your eyes!

Babe a.k.a. Ruthie is a solid little beast coming in at a mere 13 inches at the shoulder and 15 inches at the top of her noggin....suppah tiny! But she packs a punch with 38 pounds of solid outgoing happiness! We are including her height measurements not just to make most of ya melt, but she is a candidate for those living in apartments or condos with height restrictions

She would prefer a home on her own with a couple not really into a lot of activity past walking from the couch to the fridge and then to the bed 😊

Babe is bossy around other dogs and kitties are to be chased, so we will only be looking for a no-pet home for her.  She is a quiet well mannered girlie who will play with stuffies, until they are gutted, then a 20 hour nap is needed to recharge. She is crate trained and is great on leash.  


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If you are interested in this dog, please see our Adoption Process page and read through the checklist so you are familiar with the process before contacting us. Thank you!
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