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Alberta, Canada


March 20, 2019


Introducing TINA!!  She is an darling, young, playful gal with a bit of a weigh problem that we are helping her out with.  She needs to drop 15 pounds to reach a good healthy weight so is on low fat food and 3 daily, 20 minute walks to assist her with this.  Her new home would also have to support her weight loss efforts after adoption to ensure she stays trim.


Tina is a hoot, she is easy and loving but has a side of sass that keeps us laughing every day!  She likes playing and bouncing around with other dogs and then cuddling with them on the couch.  She isn't a huge wrestler and due to her weight, she doesn't have a lot of stamina at this point, so looking for more of an easy going playah to be her roommate.  


Tina has been cat tested and while she didn't chase the cats or bark at them, she did stiffen up at their presence and we feel that if the cat would have swiped or ran, the chase would be on lol. We can see her living in a home with dog savvy cats that have exit plans.


Tina will be a joyous addition to any home, she has good manners and is simply wonderful, adopt her today!


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