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Alberta, Canada

'Lil Deb

March 24, 2019



Lil Deb is our firecracker pup! and man does she have energy!


This little bundle is way too cute and it works far too well in her fair and she knows it!  You have heard of naughty pants?, well Deb wears three pairs!  She is mischievous and silly and almost too smart and focused.  She is so easy to train and spent a few months in the slammer....literally!  She was part of an inmate training program and was in lock up learning about crate training, sits, and walking manners, she excelled!




Lil Deb is working on her doggy skills as she has lots of manners on leash and for treats but when playing with other dogs she is bossy and more bossy.  She is still only just 6 months old so she has time to learn to cool it and play nicely and we are thrilled to be here to help her.




Lil Deb has found a few new friends in our program and prefers her play buddies to be larger sized boy dogs who can wrestle and snuggle with her.  We are looking for a home with a stable older man to be her play partner and help her learn good doggy skills.    


Lil Deb is 6 months old and approx 28 pounds.  She is about the size of a large Boston Terrier :)


**Lil Deb suffered a clean break to her left hind leg, it was pinned and other than a bit of an angle in the lower part of that hind left leg, you can't notice anything ever happened.  She healed up perfectly.  











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