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Alberta, Canada


March 31, 2019



Meet silly pants Arby!  This pup was brought to us about a month ago and he is a true gem.  He is smart and eager to learn, with a side of bratty puppy of course.



Arby loves to wrastle around with his foster sisters and when he feels tired he will find his old Chihuahua sister to annoy until he falls asleep next to her.  He is also a fan of sleeping under the covers with his teenage foster sister.  


He is crate trained for the day and does well on leash.  Despite how big he looks in pictures, Arby is only just 40 pounds small, a nice medium sized boy who is gangly like a baby giraffe right now as he is a teenager himself at 7 months of age, he won't get much taller but will start to fill out over the next year or so.

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