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Alberta, Canada


May 3, 2019

 Capy is a darling soft mellow little Rotti X, only about 40 pounds, perfection!


She thrives on the company of other dogs and will only be available to a home that has other dogs.  She has not been cat tested yet but we suspect she may be good with a dog savvy kitty. 




She is crate trained and walks wonderfully on leash.  Sweet Capy is an easy addition to any home.  


Here is what Capy wanted to say about herself:


Some of the things I would want in my new home are: a nice cool floor to lay on...foster mom n dad always keep trying to get me onto the 'beds for dogs' but you can't beat the floor sometimes.  


I must have a dog friend or two, no debate on this request at all please!, I love to play and hang out, and I love a cheeky game of chase....I always win ;) 




I am a little unsure sometimes still around new people but if they ignore me and let me get used to them on my own, I like that best and have a few best hooman friends now too!  What I don't like is a chaotic loud home, I like things to be orderly and dependable.  I heard some of the people talking about hiking one time and think I would really enjoy that too!


I am very easy going, you don't have to do much for me, I am kind of an independent gal.  I want four legged friends who will play, two legged friends that are chill but might take me on hikes and a piece of floor to call my own. 














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