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Alberta, Canada


July 21, 2019

 That LIP!!!  Crane is hilarious and such a silly little critter, we wish there was clones of him!


Crane is a barrel shaped little man with a kinky tail and ears that come out when he is feeling playful or flirty around the ladies!



He loves falling asleep in the car, chin on the window sill, totally at peace with the world.  He sleeps a lot during the day too, always up for a nap.  He isn't a needy dog with his people, he likes attention and walks but is ok if the day is crazy and will find a cushy spot to nap.



Crane is good with other dogs and has gotten along with boy and girls.  He will chill and hang with those that want to stay chill, but will also get in on a game of tag and chase if the opportunity presents itself.  



Crane is an easy boy for any home, you will be spoiled with how good he is :). Adopt Crane today!


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