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Alberta, Canada


June 15, 2019



Martin is a super handsome sweet young man who would like to introduce himself to you: 


Good day everyone!, This is Martin and the folks here say I'm 'ready to go'??!!

I'm always ready to go for a walk but don't make them too long cuz this head is heavy to carry around, only short walks please....I'd rather stay in the yard or on the couch tho.

What does this mean, 'ready to go'? I'm happy here, I have mine favorite buddy Sheepy and a couch...where should we go? Do they mean go to bed?, cuz I loves mine bed, it's the other place Sheepy and me get to snuggle.


I shall now take a nap and continue pondering this 'ready to go' business once refreshed. 


~ Martin, and Sheepy 


Martin is a young adult dog who has proven to be quite flirtatious with da lady dogs he has met and kind of abrasive with the male dogs.  He would need a tolerant female dog in his home or no other dogs.  He has also shown to really wanna 'get' the kitties so no cats for him!



He is a soft sweet relaxed boy who would be an easy addition to any home.  He does not demand daily walks but does demand daily cuddles.  



Martin has great leash manners and loves meeting new people, cuz when you are Martin, everyone you meet is called Fwend.  



** Martin came to us from the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force during one of their spay/neuter events on a reservation in northern Alberta.  He has a severely broken tail, a missing upper canine tooth and the other was shattered, he was limping on his hind left leg and was very skinny.  While under for his neuter, he had the shattered tooth removed, his tail amputated and had x-rays on his hips which revealed an old break which happened while he was a puppy and his growth plate was damaged.  His left hind leg is just over an inch shorter than his right but is completely healthy and the limp is only due to the length difference in the femur bone.  There is nothing to do about this and Martin doesn't notice one bit.  His easy going, slow moving demeanor keeps off any extra pressure or strain on that leg.  His weight is up and he is a glorious beast now.  



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