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Alberta, Canada


June 15, 2019



Hello people! Allow me to formally introduce myself, I’m Tater!

I’m a pretty chill adult man, which means I’m not gonna do those all those things those sucky puppies do: like use your house as a bathroom, or use your furniture as a chew toy. I gotchu fam! I like nice things too!!

I REALLY like having a routine, I want a bed time, and a morning roll call. Time to go outside? Great! Time to go inside? Even better! Supper time is the best time!

I’ve been chilling with some other dogs, and I’m ok with hanging out and racing around with my older, bigger foster sister. (She’s got 40lbs on me, she may have been a linebacker at some point IDK) Sometimes I do things she isn’t a fan of, but I take her advise and I use her wisdom, and don’t do them again. My foster brother likes to yell at me when I’m in my bed, I just ignore him, fake mom always tells him to leave me alone. That’s cool with me. (She says he’s a weirdo anyways, who am I to disagree?)


I’ve also got some pointy eared small things that share the house with. Me and my fake mom can’t decide if I think they are friend or foe. Ive been super respectful so far, my 19 year old pointy eared , weird faced sister checks on me in my bed a few times a day, and I’m not a guy to try to tell her off. But fake mom says we can’t hang out yet. Maybe one of these days.

I love being around people, I don’t need to be the center of attention, but I do enjoy it when I am. Especially when Butt Scratches are involved! That’s my mostest favourite thing, I will scrunch my face up and back in for more. Fake mom says “ Omg! Look at that face” when ever I do it. So I do it more! Who am I to disappoint my public. 



You will have to excuse my excitement, when I first meet you, there is a good chance I might try to jump up and give you a kiss in your face. I just really want to show you how much I like you. Tell me to get down, and I will... but please give me ear scritches when my butt hits the ground. I love them... almost as much as butt scritches.

I used to live with a family, but my handsome face got me kicked out of Ontario, I don’t know what that’s all about, what I do know is this: I’m adjusting to living in Alberta. What I really want to know is this: when do I get my cowboy hat and horse? That what you guys are all about out here, right? After a year I get some cows and a ranch? Maybe I need to go get my H2S and get a pipeline job? What’s a good boy to do? 


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