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Alberta, Canada


June 24, 2019



If you are looking for a pup that will keep you laughing, look no further than Cher Bear!

She is very well mannered in the house. Loves to snug on the couch with her people but is also very happy chilling on a dog bed. Cher is very respectful of food, even when it’s left unattended on the coffee table.

She is perfectly house & crate trained. She goes in on command and happily snoozes until she’s let out again.

Cher has her basic commands down pat, and can even shake a paw, or both, when the treats are really yummy.

She has a little stranger danger with new people, she is a Mastiff cross after all....the most skeptical haha, but after having a chance to meet them and getting a sniff, she’ll happily accept pets & couch snugs.

Cher loves to play fetch & chew on bones. She loves to play with her people but is happy keeping herself entertained with toys.

Cher is truly a gem & she cannot wait to complete your family. 


Cher has not show any interest in being friends with other dogs. She may warm up to and do well with a dog that is equally as 'whatever' and be able to coexist.  We are still trying to find her sweet spot when it comes to other dogs so this post may be updated as we find her a cute friend. 


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