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Alberta, Canada


June 29, 2019



Mr Muggle here, I am in the market for a new forever home.


I am a short little man who loves couches, so if I am allowed on your couch....actually no, being allowed on your couch is a MUST....and you MUST be on hand at all times to lift my cute back end up for me.  




Sunny spots in the yard are a must as well as some nice sun filled spots inside for me to rest in.  I like dog pals but don't need to have a full time roomie.  I like a little bit of play time but not near enough to keep up with most of my foster friends right now and when they wanna keep partying, I get annoyed.


I don't love stairs, still a short guy, but can handle a few of them no problem but gravity occasionally get the best of me and I go for a tumble.  I am goofy and don't mind makin people laugh.  I am a home body, not looking for an adventuring type of new family, I like my daily trek to the mailbox and then home again.  




I am very special according to my foster mom and dad, they love me loads but know its time for me to find my forever.  Have your people contact my people if you think we may have a love connection here.  




**Muggle has skin flare ups and is on a forever dose of Apoquel which lowers his immune systems responses to his itchy skin and minimizes the scratching that often causes sore areas and hair loss.  His dose is 1/2 tab AM and 1/2 tab PM and this will be something he will be on for this life.  


**Muggle also suffered from dry eye in his right eye.  He needs moisturizing drops put into that eye 2-4 times a day depending.  He accepts the eye drops easily when they are accompanied with nose kisses and at least 4 reminders of how cute and handsome he is.









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