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Alberta, Canada

Charity Burbage a.k.a: CHARITY

September 22, 2019

Come meet Charity at the MidTown PetValu store in Calgary on Saturday, October 12 from 

12 - 4!!


Awww, wadda sweetie!!!  And it's true!!  Charity is a doll face with a soft personality that is calm and darling but man can she play crazy town with her dog friends!  She is a social little girl with loads of manners.  


She will appear to be shy and insecure but that is only because she really wants to make a good impression so she waits for you to say hi.  Once contact is made, you are her best friend and she will walk nicely on leash for you, cuddle appropriately on the couch with you, sit perfectly in shotgun position for car rides.....she knows her stuff and will impress you every step of the way.


Charity would love another dog friend to play with but isn't dependent on a friend to enjoy her new home either.  Follow the How To Adopt steps to chat with our adoption team about Charity!








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