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Alberta, Canada


October 3, 2019

We are head over heels for this darling girl.  Not sure what all is in her to give her such a lean and petite body but you know, we aren't all that into labels anyways.


Sosa is a young adult dog with so many manners, even the most skeptical person would be surprised.



Sosa is good and mannerly. She loves rolling in the grass and dirt and making cute snorkel noises as she enjoys herself.



Sosa is good on leash after some reminders that she is attached to you. She doesn't like being in her crate and will sing the song of her people until you interupt her melody to reminder her you too can hear her song.  She is a very pleasant dog to have and she will not demand much from you but some daily one on one attention but really, with a face like that, she doesn't even have to demand!



Sosa has not been cat tested.  She has made quite a few friends with us tho and we find that it doesn't bother her all that much to have a live in friend or not but she does prefer her friends to be a little on the laid back side of things, she isn't all that into wrestling....but a good game of run and tag is always fun....especially when you always win 😉


Reach out to our adoption team by following the How To Adopt steps to chat more about Sosa.

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