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Alberta, Canada

Alecto Carrow a.k.a: CARROW!

October 11, 2019



Carrow is adorabull!!!  This slightly plus sized gal is a hoot!  She is a silly bucking bronco who loves to play and bounce and run around with her balls and rope toys.  Not that these words should make you picture an actual crazy high energy girl....she is NOT!  Carrow spends most of her days asleep, snoozing away, waiting for someone to come let her outside to her potty breaks and then she has about 15-20 minutes of bouncing around playful time before she needs to resume her strict napping schedule.


Carrow has a wonderful personality, loves everyone she meets and will happily show off her good manners and listening skillz for treats or butt scritches.


Carrow was viciously attacked by another dog a few months ago, you can see many scars on her face and shoulder areas that may always be there.  The mental scars are also there and Carrow is very shy and scared of other dogs now.  We would love so much to find her a home where she can be the only bouncy bronco in the house where she will feel safe and secure.  


Carrow has not been cat tested.


Please follow the How To Adopt steps to chat directly with our adoption team about adding sweet Carrow to your home :)













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