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Alberta, Canada

Angelina Johnson a.k.a ANGIE!

October 30, 2019




Angie is a stocky little sweetheart with the cutest ears....when she lets you see them!


She is in a foster home with an older male Lab and a kitty.  We have learned that Angie can keep up ok with the Lab and that the slippery floors in her foster home make it impossible for her to catch the kitty despite her attempts!!  Angie needs a kitty free home please!


This low rider is also low energy, she loves a bit of time in the yard for sniffling, but doesn't have a long battery life.  She needs to recharge on the couch with you for at least 10 hours in between potty breaks.


A quiet sweet girlie who loves hard, wanna make her a part of your home?, chat with the adoption team by following the How To Adopt steps.  

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If you are interested in this dog, please see our Adoption Process page and read through the checklist so you are familiar with the process before contacting us. Thank you!
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