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Alberta, Canada


December 21, 2019



This little bug!!  She has the body and ears of a Basset Hound and a smile that will brighten up the whole room.  Tiffany is very outgoing and sweet.  She hates her feet being touched but loves butt scratches and when you pet her face and tell her she is pretty.



Tiffany gets along best with boy dogs and can handle a rough and rowdy player, or one that prefers to just lounge with bitey face sessions.  


Tiffany has been fostered in a home with a dog savvy kitty and things went well.  She was respectful and watched the cat when the cat was still, but was willing with all her might that the kitty would run so she could chase!   So, depending on the kitty, Tiffany may do ok-ish but if your kitty at all questions its savviness, we would probably say no for Tiffany joining your home.  



Tiffany walks well on leash and has good manners in the house.  Will she bounce around and do a bit of couch parkour?, yup!  But because she is so stinkin cute and funny to watch, you will let her <3 









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