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Alberta, Canada


November 25, 2019



Yale is such a sweetheart and we are thrilled to be able to post him as Available, finally!!

This lovabull blue man is gentle and kind. He loves snuggling and cuddling and doesn't look to spend much time outside at all, so a quick potty break walk or a romp in the yard is all Yale needs 


He wasn't available for weeks due to a weird shadow in his left eye and what looked to be a mass on his right eyeball. To the vet we went and it wasn't all that concerning but not a definite diagnosis so his gorgeous and soul searching eye photos were sent to specialists and we started a round of eye drops.

The last photo in this post shows a before and after comparison of just how much the mass shrunk using the prednisone eye drops! He is not bothered by the eye lump and it's been determined it's a little immune system glitch that causes him to grow this little friend. The shadow in his other eye disappeared with the eye drops which was great!

Yale will need eye drops for the rest of his life but it's a very inexpensive treatment and we will be supplying his new home with a six month supply with his adoption.


Yale can easily live without the company of other dogs OR with a calm chill lazy older gal as company. We are looking for a cat free home for Yale and a lounging couch is a must!


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