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Alberta, Canada

Baby Jane

January 7, 2020

UPDATE: JAN 6th, 2020


Baby Jane's foster home has this to say about sweet Baby Jane:


Baby Jane is a confident and smart puppy who is progressing right on schedule.  She hasn't had an accident in the house for a few days -yay!- 


Jane sleeps well in her crate and can sleep for a solid 6 hours through the night -also yay!-



She has mastered 'sit', sometimes 'shakes a paw' on command, and is working on 'lay down'.


Baby Jane is a slow learner concerning kitties and how pointy they can become when tormented by a puppy!, those two things haven't connected in Jane's brain just yet, maybe a few more swipes will help her learn.  


She loves to cuddle when she is tired but is a fairly independent puppy.  


Baby Jane is one of the puppies born in our program to darling momma Figg. They were born on Oct 31st and will be ready to join new homes after Dec 22nd. 


Puppies need work and lots of patience and training.  They would do best in a home with a resident adult dog to help them grown and learn and take some of the pressure off the new parents.


Figg, pictured below, is the Mom and dads were unknown. We cannot guess what breeds are involved, they are Reserve Specials, a very unique breed of loyal and hardy beasts sure to make your family complete. 💜



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