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Alberta, Canada


December 16, 2019



Daisy and her sister Amelia were brought to us off First Nations land in Manitoba. They have already flown in an airplane at only 7 weeks!!


Daisy is as house trained as a 7 week old puppy can be and work is involved in helping a puppy grow and be trained


Mom and Dad are both unknown and were unseen. We do not guess at what makes these adorable mutts up, that is up to you. We expect them to be medium sized dogs at maturity.


We always prefer if homes adopting our puppies already have a stable adult dog in the home to assist in mentoring the puppy and making things easier for mom and dad in general.


Daisy is now Available and you can apply for her but she cannot go home until Dec 20th.

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If you are interested in this dog, please see our Adoption Process page and read through the checklist so you are familiar with the process before contacting us. Thank you!
If you have any questions, please read our FAQ section before contacting us, we appreciate it.