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Alberta, Canada


January 7, 2020



Aldo gets overlooked by the Boxer people and overlooked by the Pit people....so we are hoping to find a family who just wants Aldo for his handsome Boxer color and body AND for his Pit lazy temperament and softness.


Aldo is one of those dogs with the rare talent of 'Couch Holding', you may have heard of these mythical creatures and wished you had one!  Aldo will do absolutely nothing but hold your couch in the exact spot in the room that you want it to be in.  Imagine that!!  Your couch won't wander, won't be taking off on you, it will be under Aldo at all times and therefore rendered immobile.  


Aldo has not been cat tested but has been in larger playgroups of dogs made up of boys and girls and he has mingled nicely.  He isn't looking for the rowdy kids to hang with, he likes sun tanning and lounging with like minded beasts.  

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If you are interested in this dog, please see our Adoption Process page and read through the checklist so you are familiar with the process before contacting us. Thank you!
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