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Alberta, Canada


January 7, 2020



Bridget was the most scared of the litter, they were born outside and had limited exposure to people and regular in home goings on.  She held strong in her belief that people were monsters and houses were scary for a whole 3 days!!, thats like a month in dog time!  Once her hard candy coating wore off, we saw a darling, sweet, outgoing, and cuddly little girl shine through.



Bridget is smart and sometimes sassy when she is playing with the other dogs, its like she wants to be goofy to make her friends laugh and like her more.  She loves getting a small stuffy toy in her mouth and show it off to her friends in order to be chanced around the house in a big wonderful game of chase.



Bridget was born around Nov 9th, 2019 and is doing good with her house training but is in no way 100%, she is still too little to really get it.  



Bridget's mom is pictured below, she is a sweet and stocky Heeler type gal at approx 55 pounds, Bridget's dad wasn't in the picture at all to give us a picture.  



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