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Alberta, Canada


January 6, 2020



Hans is such a sweet and silly guy, he has lots of energy and loves playing with other dogs and cats.



He also loves playing with balls and I think he will be great at fetch! When he's tired he crashes though and will rest his head on our shoulders, it's the cutest thing. 



He knows how to sit and lay down and we are working on bell training/house training. He's still inconsistent but he has rang the bell several times to go outside to pee. 



He does really well sleeping in his crate at night and will let you know when he has to pee. Any family will be so lucky to have him. <3



Hans' mom is pictured below, she is a 55 pound stocky Heeler type dog.  The dad(s) to the puppies are unknown and you are free to guess at what you see :)



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