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Alberta, Canada


January 6, 2020



Beautiful Vernita is as Shepherd as any Shepherd can be :). Any Shepherd enthusiast will get hands on her and know she is everything a Shepherd should be...smart, stunning and eager to please.


She needs controlled intros to other dogs but then quickly makes friends, as long as they don't wanna touch her soccer ball!!  Lets talk about the soccer ball....its her favourite and needs ZERO interaction from you in order to have a good time with her soccer ball.  She loves to carry it around in the yard, in the house, even during car rides. She isn't obsessed with it though, just must be in her mouth if there is one available.  


Vernita loves belly rubs and will stop playing or running around for cuddles and some belly attention.  She is crate trained....doesn't love her crate, but will go in for some treats an a 'good girl'.  Vernita has not been cat tested.


Vernita would make an excellent running partner too!, not that she is high energy or must be ran or walked each day, she is a pretty low key kinda gal, but she will absolutely run with you if you choose to run and will pace in perfectly beside you for as long as you want to run.  


If she sounds good for your family, follow the How To Adopt steps to chat further with our adoption team.



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